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Fall 2024 Course Schedule (Scroll down for course descriptions) Heading link

CRNCourse NumberCourse TitleNotesDaysTimeInstructor
43294FR 211French in the ProfessionsTR3:30-4:45Carly Lapôtre
49114FR 213France: Past and PresentTR11:00-12:15Carly Lapôtre
43297FR 214Conversational French through Popular Culture and MediaTR12:30-1:45Elizabeth Weber
36370FR 296Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship (Click here to apply)Taught in EnglishW12:00-12:50Elizabeth Weber
33696FR 297Paris in Literature, Film, and CultureTaught in EnglishMW3:00-4:15Jessica Thornton-Hoselton
12439FR 301Cultural Beginnings: Representations of Childhood and Adolescence in French and Francophone Literature and FilmTR2:00-3:15John Ireland
43296 / 44017FR 400Conversation, Grammar, Writing StyleT3:30-6:00Yann Robert
31236 / 32075FR 464Louis XIV's FranceTaught in EnglishM3:00-5:30Ellen McClure

Fall 2024 Course Descriptions Heading link

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FR 211 – French in the Professions
On Campus, Tues/Thurs, 3:30-4:45PM

Instructor: Carly Lapôtre
From understanding cultural practices in Paris to tracing consumer trends in Quebec, French 211 is about using French grammar and conversation on the topic of professional life in the francophone world. Students work on intercultural communication and develop their professional, cultural and digital literacy through immersive exercises, authentic texts, videos, infographics and news articles.

Prerequisite: FR 104 or equivalent test score

Course description

FR 213 – France: Past and Present
On Campus, Tues/Thurs, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM

Instructor: Carly Lapôtre
A century of revolutionary movements, social media upsets and headline-making discontent in French society is the lens through which students will practice their French grammar and conversation in French 213. Students develop their digital literacy, professional presentation and French skills through immersive exercises, authentic texts, news articles, videos and other media.

Prerequisite: FR 104 or equivalent test score

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FR 214 – Conversational French through Popular Culture and Media
On Campus, Tues/Thurs, 12:30-1:45PM

Instructor: Elizabeth Weber
Join us as we explore French popular culture through music, graphic novels, film, television, and social media. We’ll work on conversation and grammar as we discuss what’s happening in France today and compare it to American popular culture and to France’s recent past.

Prerequisite: FR 104 or equivalent test score

FR 296: Language Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship. Taught in English. Wednesdays from 12 to 12:50. You'll get training and hands-on experience to become a peer tutor or language learning assistant for arabic, spanish, french, german, and italian 100-level classes.

FR 296 – Language Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship
On Campus, meets every Wednesday 12:00-12:50PM:  Taught in English, 1 credit. 

Instructor: Elizabeth Weber
Hands-on apprenticeship course to learn how to be a language peer tutor and Language Learning Assistant.  Click here to find out what Language Learning Assistants and Tutors do and how it helps your own résumé as well as 100-level French students.

To register, first fill out the short application on our Become a tutor/LLA page.  Contact with questions.

Prerequisite:  French 104 or tested into upper-level French.

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FR 297 – Paris in Literature, Film & Culture: Taught in English.
On Campus, Mon/Weds, 3:00-4:15PM

Instructor: Jessica Thornton-Hoselton

Discover multicultural Paris by planning a virtual visit, discussing current events, films, TV shows, and texts set in Chicago’s Sister City. From the Eiffel Tower to the Olympic Village, enjoy finding out more about the many diverse cultures in Paris’s 20 neighborhoods.

Creative Arts course, and World Cultures course. Taught in EnglishOpen to all!

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FR 301–Cultural Beginnings: Representations of Childhood and Adolescence in French and Francophone Literature and Film
On Campus, Tue/Thur, 2:00-3:15PM

Instructor: John Ireland
Explore and discuss texts and films from around the French-speaking world, including France, Algeria, Morocco, and Canada.

Prerequisite: FR 211, 212, 213, or 214  OR  concurrent registration in 200 level French class

FR 400

FR 400 – Conversation, Grammar, Writing Style
On Campus, Tues/Thurs, 3:30-6:00 PM

Instructor: Yann Robert
Use your French in real world situations while practicing grammar. Join us for conversation, games, creative writing, debates about current events, and pronunciation and translation activities.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: One 300-level course (or equivalent), or consent of the instructor

FR 464

FR 464 – Louis XIV’s France
On Campus, Mondays 3-5:30 PM

Instrutor: Ellen McClure
In this class, we’ll use a variety of sources to explore the cultural, political, and religious world of seventeenth-century France in its historical context. From the accumulation of archives to the construction of gardens, we’ll trace the efforts of Louis XIV and his ministers to redefine and extend the reach of French monarchy. We’ll also study some of the many dissident voices of the period.

Course open to undergraduates and graduate students in French and History.
Students in French 464 will do readings and assignments in French where possible.

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