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French: A Career Boost

Read about how studying French can advance YOUR career path.

How do the language and culture skills that the French programs cultivate enrich UIC students' lives and connect to their educational and career aspirations? Current French students at UIC explain how learning French is useful for their professional goals.

French + PUBLIC HEALTH Heading link

I’ve had a connection with the French language since I first started talking. My family is Togolese so I’ve always heard it spoken around the household. I’ve been able to use my knowledge in Public Health and French to learn about the different social services provided in France. This has influenced my interests in social care and health policy abroad and how we can bring some of those ideas to our communities here in the Chicago Area.  I’m now working with Americorps at Rush Hospital, and hoping to work with some French-speaking patients and families.

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French + POLITICAL SCIENCE Heading link

I am on the pre-law track with a political science and economics major, and a French minor. I plan to go into immigration law where connecting with clients through their language would be ultra-helpful.

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French + BIOLOGY Heading link

I am a biology major on the pre-med track; since I know three languages (French, Creole, English), I will be able to work with doctors who speak other languages and go abroad to take care of patients.

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French + NEUROSCIENCE Heading link

I am a neuroscience major on a pre-medical track, with a French minor. Being able to speak French allows to interact me with a greater audience, and this becomes especially useful when interacting with patients. Speaking in French with patients from Francophone backgrounds can help me understand the patient better.

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