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Graduate student Laurie Liberius presents on Afro-Caribbean heritage at UPenn Symposium

Laurie Liberius presenting her topic on

Let us please give a huge round of applause and congratulations to graduating Masters Student, Laurie Liberius, for her impressive presentation at UPenn! Laurie's presentation focused on ways of preserving Caribbean heritage through literature, films, and oral traditions at the UPENN symposium on (Re)invention. The conference theme explored the concepts of invention and reinvention in relation to literature and media from Francophone, Germanic, and Italian studies, providing a stimulating platform for discussing how these fields can respond to global challenges and shape narratives.

Laurie discussed two amazing films, "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" and "Rue Cases-nègres," as well as many other books from her corpus aimed at showcasing and protecting Caribbean heritage in different ways. She also highlighted why it's more important than ever to preserve this rich heritage, especially in light of mass migration.

Congratulations, Laurie! Your presentation was a success and we're so proud of you!